General Incorporated Association Nyander Guard Volunteer Rules

Section 1: General Rules


  1. These volunteer rules (hereby referred to as "rules") are matters related to the volunteer activities at General Incorporated Association Nyander Guard for the following purposes.

"In order to rescue the animals in the Fukushima disaster areas, Nyander Guard's activities must perpetually be maintained. To do so, the strength of volunteers is necessary. Also, in order for volunteers to truly save animals through worthwhile activities, it is our goal that volunteers conduct themselves by our standards."


  1. These rules apply to all volunteer staff at General Incorporated Association Nyander Guard.

Section 2: Volunteer Appointment

(Documents to present at time of appointment)

Article 3. Those that are appointed volunteers must acquire volunteer insurance by the day before starting activities. Additionally, upon arriving at the shelter we request the following documents.

  1. A valid driver's license or insurance card (proof of identification)

  2. Volunteer insurance card

Section 3: Volunteer Duty Rules


Article 4. Volunteer staff must endeavor to execute activities in a sincere manner while abiding by the requests of the organization, advancing efficiency of activities, and preserving order.

(Matters of compliance)

Article 5. Volunteer staff must protect the following matters.

  1. You must not use facilities or goods without permission to do activities outside of the organization's established goals.

  2. You must not do things for your own profit in relation to activities, or borrow undeserved money or goods from others, or commit acts that allow you to unjustly acquire donations.

  3. You must devote your undivided attention to your activities during work, and must not leave your place of work without a proper reason.

  4. You must not commit acts that damage the prestige or credence of the organization.

  5. During volunteer activities or after completion, you must not leak classified information learned about this organization during the course of your work to affiliated organizations.

  6. You will share joint ownership of all photos or videos taken during volunteer activities with this organization.

  7. You must not work while intoxicated.

  8. You must not do any other actions that are inappropriate for volunteer staff.

(Prohibition of power harassment)

Article 7. Using one's status or superior situation in the organization by using words or actions that exceed the scope of appropriate business behavior and causing mental or physical damage to volunteers or staff is damaging to the work environment and prohibited.

(Prohibition of sexual harassment)

Article 6. Using sexual speech and conduct or actions and causing staff or volunteers to feel disadvantaged or uncomfortable is damaging to the work environment and prohibited.

(Protection of information)

Article 8. Proper caution must be taken regarding personal, corporate, or affiliated organization related information and you must not unjustly acquire information that is unrelated to your assigned work.

In cases where the activities of volunteer staff are terminated, all personal, corporate, or affiliated organization related data, documents, passwords, etc. must be immediately returned to us.

Section 4: Punitive Measures

(Suspension of activities)

Article 9. Volunteer staff who commit any of the following will be asked to suspend their activities.

  1. After violating the terms outlined in Section 3: Volunteer Duty Rules, failing to carry out one's duties as volunteer staff while showing no likelihood of improvement.

  2. When mental or physical hindrances makes work unbearable.

(Types of disciplinary actions)

Article 10. Volunteer staff who commit any of the following may, by the judgment of the proprietor and shelter leader in accordance to the circumstances, undergo disciplinary action in the following manners.

  1. Objurgation:

Submission of a written letter of apology and cautioning about future conduct.

  1. Suspension of activities:

Submission of a written letter of apology and suspension of activities for up to 180 days.

  1. Expulsion:

Prohibition of all activities related to this organization or entrance henceforth.

Additional rules

(Fixed date of enforcement)

Article 1. These rules will be enforced from July 1st, 2014.