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EVENT: Presentation at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum Auditorium

Sixth Anniversary 3.11 Nuclear Disaster
Karpeles Exhibit II

Media Contact: Kerry O’Connor, 805-482-1745 kerry_in_hachioji@yahoo.co.jp
WHERE: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum Auditorium,
21 W Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, Tel. 805.962-5322
WHEN: Saturday, APRIL 8, 2017 1-4pm

Kerry O’Connor, USA born Tokyo resident and volunteer for Animal Rescue Nyander Guard – in Fukushima, Japan will be here in Santa Barbara April 8th for a follow up to the Exhibit and presentation of March 11th in commemoration of the 6th Anniversary of Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. On 3.11 this year, Kerry was in Fukushima measuring radiation levels and documenting farmlands that are now nuclear wastelands. Among her shocking discoveries, she learned that some areas where the evacuation orders will be lifted at the end of this month are actually higher in radiation than in the exclusion zones.

The community of Santa Barbara is invited to attend this free public exhibit and presentation featuring the work of volunteers of Nyander Guard. Akira Honda, shelter owner and founder, will also be in attendance to give firsthand details of the traumatic animal rescues in the exclusion zones in the aftermath of the nuclear meltdown which forced 170,000 people to be evacuated; and six years later 84,000 residents still cannot return to their homes due to high radiation levels. Kerry’s further accounts of the State of Fukushima will not only be eye opening but also a good reminder of the 31st Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster – April 26 where much of the land there is still abandoned due to high radiation levels.

Disasters like Chernobyl and Fukushima remind the world how dangerous nuclear power is and how they have devastated humans, animals and lands. This is a worldwide problem affecting us all. By raising awareness of the tragedies innocent people and their loved ones continue to endure, we might be able to unite globally and spread the truth that cannot be ignored any longer. For more information contact Kerry O’Connor at 805-482-1745.

Nyander Guard is currently collecting materials and funds and recruiting volunteers.

To our on-site volunteers that have worked with us, and to those that have supported us with materials and funds,

without either of your types of aid we would not be able to continue to do large-scale activities for a long term.

There are still so many animals left behind in the disaster areas, fighting to survive in abandoned towns.

We humbly request that you lend us your strength so we can deliver even just one more pet to their owners or foster parents.

-Regarding monetary support

To those of you that are able to send monetary support, we request that you wire it to the following bank account (it will be used for shelter maintenance costs and medical expenses.)

Yuucho Bank, Branch Code 218, Account Code 3533562 Nyander Guard (Symbol 12130 Number 35335621)

Please refrain from sending monetary support in an envelope because there is risk of it being lost.

If you would like a receipt, please contact us through our blog's mail form and inform us of your name, address, the name attached to the bank transfer, the date of the transfer, and the amount of money. If you have special requests regarding the receipt, please inform us as well.

-Regarding access to the main Nyander Guard shelter

Please refer to the "Access" section on the menu on the left.

General Incorporated Association Animal Rescue Organization Nyander Guard
Proprietor: Akira Honda

Main shelter
100-1 Fukuuchi Yamada, Miharu-machi, Tamura-gun, Fukushima-ken 963-7733, Japan
Phone: [Japan country code +81] 0247-73-8915